The bride was completely bowled over but once she recovered from the initial shock she had a great time. The other ladies, all different ages, had a fab time and all commented that it was great fun with a bit of cheeky male nudity - all in good taste.
Many thanks again,

Antoinette "

"Hi Rachel, yes it was fab - the hen said it was her favourite part of the hen do!!

Thanks for the photos too, they're really good.

Claire "

"Hi Rachel,
Just wanted to reply and let you know we all had such a brilliant time at our session. Unfortunately we have no photos, I think we were all too caught up in the moment!!
But it was so well organised, the hour flew and I don't think we have ever laughed as much! Really enjoyed it and would definitely be recommending the experience to other hens!
Many thanks,
Sairead "

There are many more emails in a similar vein, but I expect you get the gist!!!

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